Sunday, April 19, 2009

Penang Hill 84/Youth Park Offroad DH

After warming up from our previous week's ride, Team AEG joined some of the experts in DownHill biking to Penang Hill !! And yet again, this time it turned out different from our plans again. We were suppose to be there early to catch a Truck ride up to the top of Penang Hill. Instead, the truck was full and we were forced to cycle up to 84. While the rest on the truck will go up to the peak of Penang Hill and offroad downhill to meet us at 84...  Hmmmpmmm

Well, we arrived at 84 at last, after much stopping and pushing. Actually just on time too as the rest from the hill top had also arrived at 84. Having hot drinks and chatting. 

See the boy in orange ? He is SuperBoy I think.. he cycled with us from the foot up to 84. As we were too slow, he went ahead to 84 first... but after 25 mins of waiting.. he came back to look for us and cycled back up to 84 again... and did not even sweat !

First shot of me along the trails. This time I am riding a Polygon Axion 2007 - Full sus. Overall, the bike is quite good. A bit of the heavy side, but it is kinda comfortable. But I wasn't in a good position to comment much as this is my first Full Suspension bike. 

Another shot of the Polygon, this time, stuck in a Ditch ! And rain clouds are all over us.. it was about to rain !

Well, it did rained.. and we did get wet. But after that, we manage to reach Youth Park trail and the sky cleared to have some nice pictures !! Too bad I only brought my handphone along.. pictures wasn't quite nice.

KM, Ooi and Teoh. We are all wet and the bikes are kinda muddy after the rain... But we are anxious to have a blast along Youth Park Downhill trail. (For more video on this trail, you can click on the videos on the right)

Reached the car park..  and this is the shot of my shin/knee guards...  DIRTY ! 

Anyway, this is really a nice trail. Especially the Youth Park one.. I will surely come back for more Penang Hill Off roading.. but, with a better Full Suspension bike.. Gonna throw sell off this Polygon...