Sunday, April 12, 2009

Team AEG's First big adventure

Team AEG's First adventure after the Team was formed was on 12th April. Initially we planned to have just a normal Air Itam -> Air Itam Dam and back kinda trip. However, we then changed the plans to downhill to Balik Pulau and take the same route back....  None of us thought that this plan is about to change again !!

A last minute tweak on Ooi's hydro brakes. His AVID Juicy 7 were leaking, so loaned one from Teoh. Chye helped to hold the bike still while Ooi and Teoh is using all their force to pull out the Grip.. hahaha... While I do the most useless thing of all... Take pictures.. 

Story cut short.. The uphill part to Air Itam dam was normal of us.. I did not take pictures but instead, some videos.. 

It was tiring.. especially for the newest MTB riders amond the team, me... We had a lot of stops, because of me too.. 

Reached Balik Pulau, had lunch : the usual Famous Balik Pulau Laksa (just like any other MTBer in Penang) and we had a crazy idea! Let's ride back to Air Itam using the Tun Sardon road ! It is easier... 

Here I am, looking fresh as if nothing happened.. Actually I am very tired..

Ooi and Teoh.. They are not acting fresh, they are still fresh and not tired at all.

Downhill from Jalan Tun Sardon was GREAT !! I manage to break my land speed record (on bike that is).. 61.5km/h on a Kona Roast !

After reaching the foot of Jalan Tun Sardon, instead of taking a turn to Air Itam, we made a right for more downhill action towards Relau... 

We sort of gave up actually.. and parked the bike at my parents in law's place and took their car to get our cars in Air Itam.. haha..  Well, it was a great adventure nevertheless !!

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