Friday, April 10, 2009

What is Team AEG ?

Team AEG was started by a group of people who had almost the same hobbies. Cars, R/C, Jungle Technical Games, Outdoors, MTB, Internet Research... just to name a few. We were having so much fun all the while but never thought of forming a team. (Some of us belongs to other teams depends on what activities... )

Anyway, finally we got together in our favorite outdoor activity : Mountain Biking, and started to form a team as we took up an oath to join and complete this year's Kayuh Lasak 2009. 

We called ourselves TEAM AEG.  "All Extreme Gang".  Which, in fact, we were not really extremist in most of the things we do. Jack of all traders, Master of none.. haha. But we do went all out (Financial wise) in every of our hobbies.

This is our logo.. and we are having Jerseys made with out team signatures on it.. Hopefully to be spotted by other MTBers and will be able to make more friends. 

Stay tuned for more.

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