Monday, June 29, 2009

Project NRS

Team AEG's Dan Ooi recently upgraded from his Giant NRS 3 to Kona Coilair Supreme... Leaving behind his old frame, we decided to re-build this frame..

Stay tuned for the development of Project NRS... We will begin with building up the bike using left over spare parts from our personal "Store room" Then later on make it into an ultimate Lightweight XC machine... (IF the bike wasn't sold yet... hehehe)


  1. hehe... let's put in XT crank, XT RD, XT FD & XT shifter first... Then get a Fox Float RP23 rear shock... Then get a Fox F80. Then XT wheelset. Hurrai!!! superlight bike...

  2. Wah...
    step 1... learn how to assemble a bike..
    Step 2.. put in all the parts from donor bike and 2nd hand bin....
    Step 3.. make sure the bike can run.. hahaha