Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saddle for weight and comfort

My IronHorse came with WTB Pure V Race Saddle. Which I thought it was really good as it is comfortable and quite light (Compare to my other bike's Royal Selle)

* WTB "Pure V Race"
* Anatomic groove
* Synthetic leather cover
* Hollow chrome-moly rails
* 150mm width
* 277mm long
* Black
* 355gm
* Combines the wedge tail of the Rocket V and the drop nose of SST
* Flex-tuned Comfort Zone dual density shell. Love Channel soft tissue pressure relief groove
* Kevlar corners, lightweight DNA padding

Then recently, I got a great deal for a Bontrager Race Lite Saddle. The moment I lifted it, I felt that it was really light !! And the material was quite good too. My doubt was, it will not be comfortable.. However, after a few test rides.. It was proven to be as comfortable as the WTB... and since it helped me shave 150g off my bike's weight.. I am very happy with it

Bontrager Race Lite Saddle

* Superlight padding helps keep the saddle weight low
* Same great design as the Race X Lite
* Lux model has double the padding of the standard Race Lite saddle

* Cover : Synthetic Leather
* Rails : Hollow Stainless Steel
* Size : 278mm / 135mm
* Gender : Unisex
* Color : Black / Black
* Weight : 200g

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