Monday, June 22, 2009


NTMTBA... and we were off !!! 1,030 riders on the road.. this is what it looks like..

TEAM AEG members had a full participation in the recent NTMTBA Jamboree. We also flew our Team AEG T-shirt... as you can see in the picture below.

This is the first time I am joining a Jamboree, I just realise, if you end up at the middle of the group when you are offroad and uphilling, you are doomed.. You are forced to join the crowd to push the bike up...

This was the Team's worst nightmare. KMChew's fork leaked !! All the air and oil came out from the middle of the tube..

Finally, with some Mc Guyver trick by using Allenkeys and high pressure pump.. The fork is serviced... We stick together as a team.. !!

The 2nd Casualty was Dan Ooi, took a serious hit when we were Downhilling the Checkpoint 2 to 3 section extremely fast... The crash was serious and alas, he broke his palm bone.

Although at the end, we did not manage to complete the 4 checkpoints (we got 2 and then guided by the marshalls to cycle on the tarmac back to starting point)... The team stick together, helped each other and we had a great time !!

Looking forward for more Jamborees... and to Dan Ooi : A speedy recovery (Doctor's advice : 3 months of rest)


  1. yeah... hopefully can do mtb again soon.

  2. take a good rest. bone recovery at least one year only will not feel the pain.

    go for run, swim lah! hehe...