Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shimano DX Pedals PD-MX30

A new toy... Shimano PD-MX30... The only Shimano Platform pedals designed for DH... It comes with 10 exchangable studs each side... So 40 all together..

The box contains 2 pieces of manuals and warnings with instuctions to change those grip-pins, 1 pair of pedals (of course) with pre-installled shorter grip-pins and a bag of longer grip-pins..

Here are the pedals with pre-installed short grip pins.. For flat shoes and XC usage...

The bag of grip-pins includes an AllenKey to install or remove those grip-pins.. .I started by removing them one by one.... :( Takes ages to remove all 40 of them..

Compaing the longer ones (one the right) with the shorter ones (on the left)

Another comparison, installed on the pedals itself...

The pedals side by side with my Wellgo pedals which came stock with my Iron Horse. Looked more futuristic.

Weeee..... Looked nice on my IronHorse...

Closer look of the grip-pins... and the markings on the side is DX... not XC !!! hahahahha

After riding test riding it, trying to jump a few bunny hobs and riding down some stairs.. I immediately posted my old pedals up for sale. There is no turning back after installing these pedals.. The grip is very nice.. and I managed to shave 100g off the weight of my bike !

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