Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bike and free time

Every people has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everybody has 168 hours a week. 9 hours a day sit in office and 5 days a week. Spend 8 hours a day sleep and 0.5 hours a day doing some 'daily important business' (may vary depend on each individual, some loves to talk to the toilet for longer time and they will spend more time), probably 1 hour a day do some day dream, spend probably 1.5 hours a day stuck in traffic jam and 3.5 hours eat breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner and supper, after deduct this and that, everybody still have 21.5 hours a week and that means everybody got 3.07 hours a day as free time. Each person may use different way to spend their 'earned' time.

Some people spend their time shopping

Some people spend their time enjoy natural scene

Some visit to famous place

Some spend their time walking around and take photo
Some enjoy good foods

With friends
And gathering with friends
Some spend few hours a week do sport such like badminton, soccer, basketball, tennis and many more... and kung fu action

For me, I will spend 70% of my free time with my bike (I am so glad that my wife allow me to spend 70% but not 0%). How could it be possible I can spend my 70% of free time to do biking? I don't have other things to do? Let me tell you all how I do it, everyday come back from work I always can do some riding near my house area. It not necessary to be hill, the fun biking place can be just in the multi-level car park, curb of road side and many more... Here, I would like to show you all a mtb video taken after I come back from work in weekday. Doing some skill practicing, staircase descent. It's not too hard for me to do with my Kona CoilAir. In fact, I just feel like I am sitting in a very comfortable car which the absorber of the car 'eat' up all the steps.

Again, nothing big deal than sharing and enjoy the ride. Everybody can enjoy their ride in their daily free time.

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