Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Full HD, Canon 500D, Mountain bike

Canon, the world leading manufacturer in doing camera business. SLR camera - Single lens reflex camera is one of highiest end camera in the camera line up. Most pro, semi-pro photographer or photographing lovers will like to use SLR camera to take photo, you will never see a pro photographer from any famous bridal house will take a slim body, light weight, limited parameter adjustment camera to take photo for a pair of bride and groom or any sports photographer will use small compact camera to take photo in MU vs Arsenal match or super fast Red Michael Schumacher Ferrari F1 over taking Alonso Blue Renault. There're a lot of models for SLR, cheapest below RM2.2k and most expensive could be over RM20k.

Few years back, digital camera with video recording feature is no more new thing for user but SLR camera with video feature is definitely new technology, thanks to camera manufacturer, they never stop to bring new technology to us - consumer, they come out with embeded video feature SLR camera. In another word, we need to save more money to buy new gadget. SLR camera is the highest end camera in the product line up and for sure the camera manufacturer will not put in any cheap skill video technology in it, they introduce the new full HD video SLR camera. Full HD - full High Definition, 1920 X 1080 pixels in 16:9 ratio wide screen which creates a frame resolution of 2,073,600 pixels in total.

Now a day, a lot of movie maker starts to make their movie in full HD format. What is benefit of full HD video versus normal conventional video? I believe a lot of people knows the different between full HD video and conventional video. Full HD video produce sharper and finer image. The latest full HD video recorder offers reasonable low price but yet still provide very high quality video.

One of our team member - Johnson, just bought a Canon 500D SLR camera, the camera is with build-in full HD video feature. He made few HD videos by using this new camera. The quality is superb nice with non fast moving video. We would like to show you a sample of the video and hope everyone enjoy the video below.

After the non moving video testing, we decided to test the camera with some fast moving action video such like our favorite sport - mountain biking. We decided to re-visit Penang Youth Park Number 3 trail again but this time is with full HD camera. Our intention this time is not to record the trail, we had the full trail last time in one of June posting, our purpose of this trip is to test out the HD video and capture some nice scene of Penang MTB trail and promote Penang MTB trail in our blog.

Hope everyone enjoy the video, especially the green of the trail. This is the short one and hopefully Johnson can edit a longer version one soon and sure we will put it in our blog again once we have the longer version video.

Cheers Dan & Johnson

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  1. Muito bom seu trabalho.
    Tenho uma Canon 500d também, com a lente básica... Só não consegui gravar em Full HD... ficou travando a cada 3 segundos... pensei que era meu computador, ou o programa que usava como player... MAS ACHO QUE É A CAMERA... Só que na qualidade normal fica bom...! Aff!