Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gambir Hill Trail prt. 1

Gambir Hill trail is XC type trail and is definitely perfect offroad trail for high speed rider. It doesn't have any superb tough technical drop or jump but holes, rocks and drain on the trail is enough to get the rider's adrenalin rush when go high speed. I believe most of offroad type rider will not fully enjoy cemented trail, me too, this trail mixed with cemented trail (40%) and loose soil offroad trail with rocks and holes (60%). This trail not consider very steep and thus, if want to go real high speed, rider need to do some pedaling to gain enough adrenalin rush speed.

Sunday morning, heavy rain in midnight. The trail become wet and slippery. After do some preparation, such as seat angle adjustment and tires pressure check up, Teoh and I start ride. It's easy ride up, can still chit chating while pedal up (I would consider this trail is super easy ride up) while enjoying the green of the trail. If you look carefully on the grass beside the trail, you can see frogs, some unknown insects, bugs, lizards and some time you can see snakes (eventually I saw snake yesterday). But, this trail is very safe to ride, those creatures will not attack human unless their life in threaten. We take the trail heading to Paya Terubong, took us about 40 minutes to reach the junction to Paya Terubong. Take some rest then we start our video action.

Every time do video, sure very exhausted pushing the bike up again and again to get best shot. Teoh and I quit after few times push up our bike again and again and we decided to continue the video for the rest of trail section next week. Just to share the video we got yesterday and hope everybody enjoy the video. This video is just sneak preview part 1 and we will do another video this coming Sunday and will be sneak preview part 2. We have no idea when we will have full version video for this trail but for sure we will try to do our best to record the whole trail and share with all riders. Nothing big deal than sharing, cheers Teoh and Dan


  1. wow never know that gambir got an XC trail perhaps this raya going back to my hometown.. gonna give it a try :). Nice blog u have here.. cheers from penangite MTB buddy :)