Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bunny Hop Practicing

Bunny hop is a very fundamental skill for mountain biking, it looks easy to learn but takes time to master it.
We can use bunny hop skill to clear some obstacle objects such rocks and roots on trail while doing XC riding. Some time in our riding, we meet some unavoidable obstacle in front of our way, some time if we just hit on the obstacle, could possible cause some unwanted circumstances happen. Rider always can stop in front of the obstacle and push their bike over the obstacle and then continue the riding but we also can just sit on saddle and use bunny hop technique to clear the obstacle and continue pedal without put our feet on ground. It just sounds so easy in the paper. Can start practicing the bunny hop by jumping off a low object first. Pedal some speed and lift the handlebar then lift rear wheel to clear the object. I been practicing the skill for long time but I still need very long time to able to master this skill, be frankly. From the video attached, you can see me trying my best to do the best bunny hop but seems like I still need more practicing to make it perfect. I am just beginner in this mountain bike hobby, a lot more need to learn.
This just a sharing. Nothing big deal than sharing and enjoy.
Cheers and enjoy the video.

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