Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kona CoilAir Supreme build diary

Oct 21, 2008, Tue night
Won bidding of a Kona CoilAir Supreme in ebay. The frame is 90% new, the first owner is pro rider. Communicate with the seller in few emails, get to know that he decided change to XC riding instead of Freeride. To me, I gonna to build the bike into All Mountain type. Will put a XC type crank on it. Very happy after won the bidding but also start to worry about my pocket, I gonna to fainted next month after receive the card bill.

Oct 31, 2008, Fri noon
Received an email from my friend who in US that moment for his business trip saying that he received the package. So happy the shipment arrives in time. Ask my friend to snap a photo of the parcel to show me.
The parcel nicely packedThe bike also nicely packed
Nov 01, 2008, Sat Morning
Received email from my friend he has to ask his colleague who is re-locate in US at that moment to help me bring back the bike frame due to the frame packaging is over the standard size and cannot be shipped. His colleague only will be back on June 2009. OMG!!! What a nightmare. What else can I do, just can wait.
Wait... Wait... Wait...
And Wait... Wait... Wait... Wait... again...
Time flying, very fast celebrate last day of 2008 and welcome the first day of 2009. Then CNY, then June come.

June 9, 2009, Tue Morning
Received email from my friend's colleague, the shipment arrive in Penang safely. What a good news. I can get my long-waiting frame finally.
Happy smile when holding the frame

June 13, 2009, Sat Morning
Bring my frame to Lim Bicycle shop to assemble into complete bike. Swap all the components from my old Giant NRS to the new frame.
Work in progress

My old red Giant NRS hanging on the wall after remove all the components, feel sad :-(

After fully build up then take a photo of the bike. Can see all old component
Luckily Johnson (AEG member) willing to take up my old NRS. I know he will be a good owner for the NRS. This also mean that I need to return all the components that I 'borrow' from his NRS after he buy over the NRS. OMG!!! Pocket punctuated again... Well, this also be a good reason for me to get total new bike (new bike and new component)

Items need to upgrade:

1.) Crank
2.) FD
3.) RD
4.) Seat post (borrow from another AEG member, Kona seat post size is very odd size 30mm diameter, need to pre-order)
5.) Handlebar
6.) Stem
7.) Wheelset
8.) Pedal
9.) Chain
10.) Headset

Part by part purchase... slowly build the bike into totally new bike...

Get Kona Wah Wah pedal for better grip performance
Then get Ritchey handlebar 710mm wide
Then get a pair of white wheelset...
After 100% fully build Kona CoilAir Supreme

The next thing after build up the bike, sure is take photo lah... and of course hop on and ride...
Cheers and happy riding.

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