Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mountain bike, suffer, fun, 最緊要好玩

Mountain biking, one of thousand sports. Some people play safe, some people play aggressive and some people play crazy. Play safe riders will have their own fun with little sweat, play aggressive rider will also have their own fun but with accompany of some unwanted "presents" and play crazy's rider need very much courage to repeat the action which just cause him/her almost dead. Everytime they get through the fears, they able to upgrade their skill to next higher level and they all is crazy rider.

I am not a crazy type rider, I play aggressive but definitely not crazy. I have very lousy skill and I learn a lot of lessons when everytime I push myself beyond my limit. No matter how much price I need to pay, I just can't resist to try it again and again. I cracked my helmet, crack my ribs and palm bone but I still hop on my bike after recover. Mountain biking is a sport you will get addicted after you try for the very first time. It has magic power to attract you to continue.

Palm bone fracture after Nibong Tebal Jamboree 21 June 2009, from the X-ray photo, can see a small screw put inside the bone to align the bone to original position.

The X-ray photo before put screw, obviously can see the bone is break into 2 and already dislocation.

We didn't capture video how high I airborne flying and how I crashed, all I heard from Johnson is he saw me airborne and landed but he not too sure why I crash after the landing. But we did capture some videos after crash, Teoh is giving me some anticeptic spray. That's real pain.
No matter how, after 1 month plus be a good boy stay at home, then I start to hop up on my bike again to try out something mild, riding in my flat's multi storey carpark and some road riding.

Mountain bike sport is very depend on the rider's thinking to see how he/she enjoy the process. The process of pedaling uphill could be exhausted and suffering, everytime I will ask myself why I want to take this suffer, by this clock I should still lying on my lovely bed and just kill the time by doing nothing, why I just not to do so but come to nowhere in the middle of jungle and suffering leg muscle pain and lung explode pain. Well, the rewards is something can't describe with words, when after all efforts put in to pedal uphill and finally standing at the top of the hill and see down, the earth is under my feet. The feeling is so much enjoy. And the most important thing is the next thing you going to enjoy is the downhill. This is the greatest rewards. Mountain biking is a fun activity, just depend on you, how to enjoy it. You find the way to enjoy it then mountain biking will be fun and if you don't then you will find some crazy people doing some crazy thing. Sam Hui (許冠傑) sing a song name 最緊要好玩 (Fun is most important thing), we just need to enjoy every moment in our life no matter it is pain and joy, just like doing mountain biking. No matter how suffer uphill, then the joy will come. Play hard and enjoy is the most important thing. I hope all will enjoy my video below.
Cheers Dan

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